Talks & Original Songs

An ArtSci Lens

In 2017 I was very honored to deliver the Arts & Science Winter Lecture at McMaster University. I spoke about my experience in the Artsci program and how I came away with a reshaped worldview. I no longer quite have the same perspective, but I think it’s a very accurate encapsulation of my thinking at the end of undergrad.

Not Just Marie Curie

I wrote this song for the 2017 Canadian Undergraduate Conference for Women in Physics about women in physics you might not have heard of before.

Math is Fun?

I went to the 2016 Canadian Undergraduate Math Conference and sang about my experience as a math student.

Finding Babbage

While I was on exchange during undergrad I made it my mission to retrace the life-steps of the computing pioneer Charles Babbage. I talked about the experience in this TEDx talk at McMaster.