Piano Covers & Tutorials


Vulfpeck Covers   

For the past six years I’ve been filming covers of Vulfpeck tunes and putting them on YouTube. My most well-known cover is probably a medley I did in 2017.

I tweeted this video to the band and Jack Stratton invited me to perform with them in Toronto. I then performed with Vulfpeck again in London. An absolutely surreal once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Still can’t believe it: performing with Vulfpeck in London and Toronto

For all of my Vulfpeck covers, check out this playlist.

Piano Tutorials

I have also done a number of piano tutorials, once again mainly Vulfpeck songs, but also some others.

In September of 2023 I was one of the first people to post a cover of Brian Jordan Alvarez’s (in character as TJ Mack) song “Sitting”. The song and its covers ended up becoming something of an internet phenomenon.

Sibling Covers

I’ve recorded a ton of songs with my sister, Hannah. Here’s a playlist with all the covers we’ve recorded.