Since 2019 I have been helping run Interact, a fellowship program for young technologists and emerging research & education institution. I applied to the fellowship program in 2018 and was inspired to meet a new class of person for me: thoughtful, high-integrity entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and builders who cared deeply about technology and its role in our collective future.

After the retreat, I volunteered on the admissions committee, and ran that committe the following year. During that time, Interact was primarily a social community, connecting hundreds of people who had participated in the program since 2012. Starting in 2020, however, Interact began to pivot to something much larger: a research and education institution that offers programs beyond the fellowship for 18-23 year-olds. I joined a small full-time team to help lead this transition.

In this role, I helped create a grants program, supported Interacters’ projects, organized a 200-person retreat, scaled our admissions process, and supervised a number of writing projects, including Letters to a Young Technologist. Most imporantly, I created a course on the philosophy of technology for incoming Interact fellows. This course (which I cannot share publicly just yet) runs in parallel in 5 different cities, where Interact Fellows  meet weekly to discuss a shared set of readings about what it means to be a technologist in the 21st century. 

Camp Navarro, the site of the 2022 Interact retreat

I handed the role to Santi at the start of 2022. I am still highly  involved with Interact, and have been organizing book clubs. Thus far we have read Games: Agency as Art by C. Thi Nguyen, and Aspiration by Agnes Callard.

Book club conversation with C. Thi Nguyen