I spent the summer of 2022 biking. I started by exploring all of the trails around Toronto, then did a 5-day trip from Toronto to Montreal. I then took things international and did various smaller trips in the UK and Ireland.

Biking has given me a totally new perspective on the world. The bike-eyed view of society is one that forces you to deeply appreciate bridges, dams, canals, rivers, and trains. Driving over a bridge requires no personal energy expenditure. When you bike over a bridge, you can feel a small fraction of the total human labour and energy and effort that went into its construction. 

Bike trails are often old train lines, or footpaths to canals, or trails on roads built for cars. You cannot help but feel like you’re reliving in the history of transportation—indeed in the history of cities and industrialization itself—while on a bike.

Nature & infrastructure on my bike trips. Humans love to build but we are ultimately subservient to the template nature provides.

During these travels I filmed a ton of footage, some of which I’ve posted on my Instagram. I have highlights that recount my eventful visits to the Falkirk Wheel (Scotland), the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland), and the Ribblehead Viaduct (Northern England). I will be turning all of these into YouTube videos soon!